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Heart Mechanical - Free Download

Now you can download my 7-track "Heart Mechanical" EP for free, including the title track, "We're Here to Recruit Your Kids," and "Life is a Disco." Download is in MP3 format at 320kbps. If you like it, please share it with your friends and post about it online!

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“Don’t You Want Me” Premiere

I’m excited to share my latest video and song, a cover of Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me,” which is a collaboration with the lovely Adam Rio! Special thanks to Adrian Acosta for helping us film the video. You can download a free MP3 of the song below, and make sure to tell me what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

“Don’t You Want Me” Free MP3 Download

New song demo: “Broken”

I premiered my new song “Broken” at my live show with Bright Light Bright Light in May, and it got a really great response from several people who attended. It took me a little while to get a better recording together, but here’s a demo of the track. You can also download it free from Soundcloud.


Full lyrics:

I was in pieces
on the floor
I was too damaged
to be restored

you thought I was a puzzle you could reconnect
glue me back together make me whole again

but I am broken
let me be
I am broken
don’t fix me

I could feel stitches
pulling tight
built a new armor
where I could hide

you thought I want a world where there is no pain
where everything is good and every day’s the same

but I am broken
let me be
I am broken
don’t fix me

let the pieces fall
let me lose it all
let it slip away
let me feel the pain

you thought I was a puzzle you could reconnect
glue me back together make me whole again
you thought I want a world where there is no pain
where everything is good and every day’s the same

but I am broken
don’t fix me

Live with Bright Light Bright Light in Boston on May 15

I’m very excited to announce that I will be opening for Bright Light Bright Light on Wednesday, May 15, in Boston, MA! I’ve loved Bright Light Bright Light’s music for quite some time now and I’m beyond excited to get the chance to perform live in the same show. Full details:

Bright Light Bright Light / Michael Hensley
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 8:00 PM
The Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
Tickets: $12

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“Heart Mechanical” music video arrives!

I’m very excited to share my new music video for “Heart Mechanical”! Two toy robots meet online, go for a date, and fall in love. Directed by Syuji Honda of Pure Soul Productions with beating heart animation by Kip Lyall. Please let me know what you think and share if you like it!

Today’s fave: Adam Rio

It has been far too long since I’ve shared a fave! So I’m gonna try to blitz you all with a week of music I’m into lately. First up is Adam Rio, a New York-based singer/songwriter who focuses on the more relaxed side of electro pop. His EP “Never Know” is lovely, and reminiscent of the subtle, intimate electronic style of Erlend Oye’s album “Unrest.” Oh, and he just happens to be in town this weekend to record a duet with me, which is a cover of a rather iconic ’80s song that has been shaping up fantastically so far (details soon)!

For now, check out the video for his single “Dance to Billie Jean” below or find Adam Rio on iTunes!

New Shows + More!

Sooo much has been going on lately! First, my music video for “We’re Here to Recruit Your Kids” starring Jujubee (see it here) has now racked up over 5,000 views in less than two weeks on YouTube — which is amazing! Second, I had a great show on April 1 at Great Scott as well as a fabulous EP release party at Fur & Gold this past Friday, and I want to thank everyone who came and I hope you had a great time! But on to the news. I’ve got two more shows booked:

Friday, May 11, Machine Night Club (Boston, MA), 11 PM

Monday, June 4, Zuzu (Cambridge, MA), 8 PM

More details are coming soon! The Zuzu show is part of an art show for my good friend Michael Georgeson so you have double the reason to go.

Oh, and… I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. I’m working on a remix of “We’re Here to Recruit Your Kids,” plotting out a second music video, and possibly writing a song for a new friend… but the best way to keep up to date with everything going on is to follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. All the good stuff gets there first usually!

Video Premiere! “We’re Here to Recruit Your Kids” Starring JuJubee

I am beyond excited to share my new music video for “We’re Here to Recruit Your Kids,” starring the beloved JuJubee from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

The video takes the concept of us trying to “recruit” your kids to its ridiculous extreme, where Jujubee turns a bunch of average people into stereotypes. It’s a parody of the way many ultra-conservative people view our community, balanced with angrier scenes showing some of the frustration that comes with being treated as second-class citizens. In the end, it’s all about standing up for your right to live your life the way you want to and be proud of who you are.

Many thanks to the rest of the cast and the director Syuji Honda from Pure Soul Productions. Watch the video and let me know what you think, and please, share with friends, tweet, Facebook it, etc.!

“Heart Mechanical” EP now available!

I’m so excited to announce my EP “Heart Mechanical” is now available! You can get it at a number of places, including:

iTunes (digital download)
Amazon (digital download)
CDBaby (digital download + CD)

(Please note most of the time prices are set by the distributors, not me, or else I’d love to make it even cheaper.) For every EP sold, I’m also personally donating $1 to the Trevor Project, who work hard to help with crisis intervention and LGBT suicide prevention.

In other news, I’ve been incredibly busy and have so much great stuff coming up — I just finished shooting the music video for “We’re Here to Recruit Your Kids” featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Jujubee, I’m preparing for another show on April 1 at O’Brien’s in Allston, MA, and I have an interview and album release party coming out soon for Fur & Gold. Stay tuned and make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get all the latest news!


Live at O’Brien’s (Allston, MA) on April 1

I’ll be performing live at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA on Sunday, April 1! I’m joined by Some Community and All of the Animals. Doors open at 8 PM (21+) and tickets are only $5. O’Brien’s is located at 3 Harvard Ave in Allston, MA and you can learn more at the O’Brien’s website. I hope to see you there!

Heart Mechanical – Full Album Preview

My EP release is only 2 weeks away! “Heart Mechanical” is already listed on AmazonMP3 (see it here) and will be on CDBaby, iTunes, and a bunch of other sites soon. For now, check out this preview of all 7 songs, and let me know which is your favorite!

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