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Updates on the music front

Things have gotten a little quiet around here lately — but not behind the scenes! I just got back from a trip to New York City to work with my producer/engineer virtuoso, Yasuhiko Fukuoka, to turn my songs from demos into finished pieces. The five songs I’ve shared so far, plus one new one called “This Love Is Not Enough,” will be packaged together into an EP, which I will release probably in January. Mixing is still underway but so far things sound GREAT and I am very excited! Some of the songs may sound pretty similar to what you’ve already heard, but others will be getting more significant re-workings, and all of them will sound much crisper, with better vocals, bigger beats, and clearer sound overall.

My hope is to follow the Robyn plan and release one or two more EPs in 2012 to follow up what I’ve done so far. I’m also working on amping up my promotion efforts and starting to perform live again. Things. Are. Happening!

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