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Life is a Disco (studio version)

I’ve been working with my mix engineer behind the scenes to polish up my songs for my “Heart Mechanical” EP (out March 26) and I’m ready to start sharing the results! The first song on the album is “Life is a Disco” — you may have heard the demo version before but I hope you’ll agree it sounds even better as the full studio version. There are still a few more weeks before my EP is available, but in the meantime I’m offering this song to stream online in full:

What do you think? Tell me your thoughts! And please share on Twitter, Facebook, etc. if you like!


strobing lights
I can barely see
chaos and noise
a voice says to me

what you waiting for?
it’s right here
and if you want more
the path’s clear

did you let go (fear)
let go (pain)
let go (of all your doubt)
did you give in (joy)
give in (love)
give in (to the sound)

some day the beat will end
the dancefloor will empty out
how were those moments spent
where were you in the crowd?

the room’s alive
I can feel the heat
do I stand aside?
or do I find the beat?

why are you afraid?
there’s no wrong or right
the longer you wait
the more passes by



life is a disco
so won’t you dance with me

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