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Heart Mechanical

After a four-year hiatus, Michael Hensley returns with a 7-track EP, Heart Mechanical, due for release on March 26, 2012. Thematically, the album follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, juxtaposing emotion and reason, the human and the machine. The album’s heart beats hardest through its second track, We’re Here to Recruit Your Kids, an aggressive response to anti-gay bigotry. Hensley is reacting to the farcical notion that gay people are exerting their sexual influence on children. “We’re here to recruit your kids to be whoever it is they want to be,” he decries. The song is a call-to-action and with its ferocious beats and swirling synths it is an anthem we can truly dance to.

For every EP sold, I'm personally donating $1 to the Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. Learn more about the Trevor Project

© (P) 2012 Michael Hensley Histen. All songs written and performed by Michael Hensley Histen. Produced by Michael Hensley Histen and Yasuhiko Fukuoka. Mixed and mastered by Yasuhiko Fukuoka.


Life is a Disco

strobing lights
I can barely see
chaos and noise
a voice says to me

what you waiting for
it's all here
and if you want more
the path's clear

did you let go (fear)
let go (pain)
let go (of all your doubts)

did you give in (joy)
give in (love)
give in (to the sound)

some day the beat will end
the dancefloor will empty out
how were those moments spent
where were you in the crowd

the room's alive
I can feel the heat
do I stand aside
or do I find the beat

why are you afraid
there's no wrong or right
the longer you wait
the more passes by

life is a disco
so won't you dance with me

We're Here to
Recruit Your Kids

it's all your fault
you pushed them away
you told them they were wrong
for feeling this way
you blame us
you say we're corrupting your kids
but it's you who preached that
love is a sin

we're here to recruit your kids to be
whoever it is they want to be
to live the life they want to live
to give the love they want to give

we want you
to know we're on your side
we want you
to trade your shame for pride
we want you
it's time to get angry
we want you
come on and march with me

you forgot
that we're people too
and the way that we live
is not about you
we don't want to make
an army of clones
we just want them to know
that they're not alone

You Don't Own Me

spend all my time waiting
that you pick up the phone

of when this is easy
that you'll come around

and yet I know
deep inside my mind
that I am just
a fool biding time
and for you
it's all a power play
and it's time for things
to go my way

I'm over you
yeah I've moved on
and the chains that held me
back are gone
I'm not who I was before
you don't own me anymore

to keep your attention
that you're trouble for me

into a shadow
my identity

and even when
I want to push away
I turn around and beg
for you to stay
but you'll never
let me win the game
and now it's time that i
refuse to play

the only way to win
is not to play the game
the only way to win
stop playing the game

Heart Mechanical

every day
I try to break it
unlock the code
reach in and take it
don't want to wait
to find the answer
I want to know
what is the password

I try to find and feel it
I search to no avail
the more that I put in
the more likely I'll fail

I'll make my heart mechanical
a device I can control
love and pain just lines of code

every day
a carbon copy
no ups and downs
a steady heartbeat
want it to race
when I am with you
want it to pound
I need a breakthrough

I want to feel what you feel
but I can't force this heart
my love is only words
and that won't take me far

I'll shift the gears
I'll hit reset
I'll flip the switch
I'll reconnect

I'll check the wires
I'll press the keys
I'll make it work
I'll fix my heart beat


I want to feel alive
I want electricity
I see danger in your eyes
drawn to your intensity

I can feel you in my mind
and I hope you never leave
I want to cross the line
I want you to take me deep

I want to be inside your skin
inside your mind so let me in
synaptic connectivity
what flows from you goes into me
a simple touch is not enough
I want your breath inside my lungs
I want your blood to course through me
want you to be inside of me

I've connected the divide
separating you from me
I can feel our souls combine
from bodies into energy

This Love is Not Enough

one day the shadows came
no light could penetrate
roads turned to alleyways
the dark falling down like rain

outside I said
that I was strong
but inside I knew
that I was wrong

this love is not enough
it's not enough to carry us
carry us out of the dark
the dark that tore us apart

I tried to lift us up
reach out toward the sun
but the walls were closing in
I could see the end begin


if dreams would ever let me go
I wouldn't have to try
'cause I would have no goal

inside I have so much to show
but it's so hard to tell you
all that's in my soul

I try to say what I can feel
but I can't translate it
words just don't reveal

my dreams wither on the vine
they never see the action
and die inside my mind

and I'm still dreaming

dreams dreams dreams
I wish you could see see see
what I do

my life hurtles by so fast
so many things I've done
I want to make them last

I fall and get back up again
on to the next adventure
the cycle never ends

I know I'm not the only one
so many fighters out there
in battles never won

but my dreams are always on my mind
although it hurts to fail
I know I have to try

and I'm still dreaming

dreams dreams dreams
I wish I could be be be
who I want to be

I wish I could be who I want to be

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