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Heart Mechanical - Free Download

Now you can download my 7-track "Heart Mechanical" EP for free, including the title track, "We're Here to Recruit Your Kids," and "Life is a Disco." Download is in MP3 format at 320kbps. If you like it, please share it with your friends and post about it online!

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Nice bit of press from Fabtastic!

Many thanks to Aaron of Fabtastic! Music for this nice little feature of my music! Scroll down a bit to see it, including this quote:

“I’m crushing hard on the electro-pop beat and bassline of You Don’t Own Me a lot at the moment. Thumping stuff with an amazing sound. I love it.”

Check it out!

New Website

Welcome to my new website! A lot has changed. I have been pretty quiet on the music front since 2008, when I released the music video and remix EP for “This Machine.” I took a bit of a break from recording and promoting music but have been back at it the past few months and am excited to have new songs to share! My first two new songs are “Inside” and “You Don’t Own Me,” with a third song “Dreams” coming within a week or two after I polish up the rough demo. As part of this renewed focus on music, I also have a new approach to sharing it:

  • For the time being, I’m going to just make all my new songs available free to download and share. It’s much more important to me to get my music heard than to try to make money.
  • While I worked with a mix engineer for my previous releases, this time around I’ve sharpened up my production/mixing skills a bit and am just going to share demos — so these songs are not quite perfected yet, but they’re close enough to share.
  • I’m also going to include posts about other music I love — I want people to be able to find not just my music but exciting new music from other artists as well. This can be found under the “Faves” link in the site navigation.
  • I’m also more active on social media, particularly Twitter (follow @ElectroMichael).

So enjoy! And please, take a listen and share your thoughts about my new songs, even if you don’t love them — I really value ALL feedback, whether it’s praise or constructive criticism. Thank you!

Photos – May 2011

Photos by Darry Madden

Michael Hensley Michael Hensley Michael Hensley Michael Hensley Michael Hensley

“This Machine” Music Video

Directed by Dillon Fitton

This Machine (2008 Remix EP)

This Machine1. This Machine (Bad Robot Radio Edit)
2. This Machine (Bad Robot Club Mix)
3. This Machine (Yahzy’s Retro Electro Radio Edit)
4. This Machine (Yahzy’s Retro Electro Club Mix)
5. Subtraction
6. This Machine
7. This Machine (Yahzy’s Last Call Remix)

Buy at iTunes or AmazonMP3


Fire Behind Me (2007 Album)

Fire Behind Me1. This Machine
2. Walk In
3. Take Me Away
4. Everyone Wants to Feel Something
5. Never Loved Me
6. Take a Hint
7. Chance on Me
8. Totally Gone
9. Can I Do This Alone
10. Cold (All That I Know)
11. The Wrong Truth
12. Take Me Away (Remix)

Buy on iTunes or AmazonMP3

Everyone Wants to Feel Something (2006 EP)

Everyone Wants to Feel Something1. Everyone Wants to Feel Something
2. Take Me Away
3. Can I Do This Alone
4. Totally Gone
5. Everyone Wants to Feel Something (Extended Mix)

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This EP contains demo versions of songs later re-recorded for the full album “Fire Behind Me

Press Articles 2006-2008

Below are a variety of press articles, reviews, and interviews from when I was promoting “Fire Behind Me” and “Everyone Wants to Feel Something” in 2006-2008. (Please note, some of these articles may no longer be online, unfortunately.)

Bay Windows – Interview – March 6, 2008 – View online
“Burning Bright: Michael Hensley Continues to Blaze with Fire Behind Me.”

HomoPod Radio – Playlist – January 15, 2008- Listen online
“This Machine” featured on “Reboot” playlist

New-Noise.Net – Review – December 21, 2007 – View online
“There’s a cultured sculpted quality to the songs with lashings of cool, of its times but cutting through them.” – Review – November 11, 2007 – View online
“Hensley has the talent to impress.”

OutSmart Magazine – Review – November 1, 2007 – View online
“He succeeds with this fresh collection of originals.”

MusicDish e-Journal – Review – October 21, 2007 – View online
“This record is electro pop with a human face.”

Aural Innovations – Playlist – October 14, 2007 – Listen online
“Take Me Away” featured on “Drool Trough #68″ Playlist – Review – October 9, 2007 – View online
“I can’t turn down [this] synthesizer dinner.”

The Muse’s Muse – Feature – October 1, 2007 – View online
Spotlight Artist: Electronica

Aiding & Abetting – Review – October 2007 – View online
“An intoxicating brew.”

Pitch Perfect Reviews – Review – September 26, 2007 – View online
“His music has backbone and beat.”

Neufutur Magazine – Review – August 31, 2007 – View online
“A current and fresh reinterpretation of what it means to be a dance artist.”

Diva Divo – Article – July 18, 2007 – View online
“New Divo Album: Michael Hensley ‘Fire Behind Me’ ”

Edge Boston – Review – June 14, 2007 – View online
“An audio tour through club land.”

In Newsweekly – Interview – June 13, 2007 – Download PDFView online
“Michael Hensley: Fired Up”

Diva Divo – Article – March 27, 2007 – View online
“Divo to Watch: Michael Hensley”

In Newsweekly – Interview – March 21, 2007 – Download PDFView online
“Michael Hensley is Ready for His Close-Up”

Edge Boston – Interview – January 8, 2007 – View online
“Michael Hensley: Putting It Together”

In Newsweekly – Article – November 29, 2006 – Download image
“Emerson Grad Releases New EP”

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